by Caveat

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released June 24, 2016

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Casey Rogers
Lead guitars recorded by Joe Sikorski
All music written by Caveat
All lyrics by Greg Musgrave except Under Black Skies lyrics by Todd Smith
All music performed and arranged by Caveat except Todd Smith, vocals on Under Black Skies and Karen Ann Simm, violin and cello on Oghma Infinium.

Art Direction by Francesco De Luca and Caveat.
Artwork and layout design by Francesco De Luca for Amok Studio
Caveat logo by Dennis Thompson

Caveat is:

Greg Musgrave - Lead vocals and guitar
Joe Sikorski - Guitars and keyboards
Casey Rogers - Drums, keyboards, guitars and backing vocals.
Matt Petti - Bass
Amanda Marie Bourdon - Vocals and live keyboards.


all rights reserved



Caveat Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Broken Smile
Now they are breeding the heat of the enemy
Come under the wing of my greed
Keeping it moving, moving up up
A way that I have made the grade

Sickening, everybody but a fool
I see the sin of a new day
Cold, complex, in affect, in a way
That only we can deliver the pain

Feed the freak of a new day liberty
On the path of misery
Seeing the folding, the molding, controlling, we are now monopoly

Sinners play the game of assembly
Bring all the fun to uncover iniquity
Over, the the freedom is dead
Discover the key to uncover

Call this bliss for what it is, stroke the need of this belief
For a while, controlling my cold desire to vindicate

Call this what you will, the season is now complete
Thoughts & disbelief have surely changed my fate
Just as sorrow paves the way to heal me
Commanding over this foolish broken smile

All that you wanted to tell me is that you are mine
Blind you serve up complicity tonight
Whoever made you, whoever saved you, whoever gave you this sentence of overindulgence
Want it so much

Empty, sell me, hollow, trivial
Eating the reaping, the reasoning of my shame

Once again you reflect upon a new day
Sinking deep in the pit of the abyss
Never gonna be the one to follow the leader
I am the forsaken egotist

Sever the ties that combine me to a new way
Stuck in the past so uneven
Forge the gates of resistance
Pigheaded narrow minded follow the vain

Solder of fortune the name upon the hero
All they are is a mystery
Searching the home land, free man democracy
You will betray for me

Smell of a new denomination ritual
Stuck in the grey, either way you are the loser
Conform to this affiliation
Taking me to a new day impiety
Track Name: Misunderstood
You know the way to hate me
You know the way to love me
You know the way to thrill me
You know the way to kill me (in your mind)

Now I can see how it looks when I’m silent, wander through these thoughts inside
Numbing the thoughts of confusion, a jaded illusion
Over the years it would seem I've slowly become so attached to this
Why does it seem so completely, devoid of clarity

Searching for a meaning & reason to see where I’ve been
I have been misunderstood
Trying to wake from the past & a dream that I can't seem to wake

Changes have taken my life to a crossroads, a place I’ve come to need
Standing at the corner waiting, my life contemplated
Over the constant belief that my life can never leave this place
Wake this path another reason, this forsaken one

It’s written on the walls, so clear to see it all
Now begins the fall, to where I was alone (so divine..)
Track Name: Calamity
Just as the night comes, you feel the sickness, as it begins
The hunger rising, no way to calm this, you know the rest
Is it the same thing, when you begin to lose it again
Soon taking over, indulge the animal, that has released

Overtaking me as it begins to fray away
This beast has come to feed, now the victim is here

And now the end comes, casting the plague down, you justify this
Complete the feeding, absolve the needing, resolve in this

As it begins to take over, who has come will only suffer
This is the time when you peel away the skin
Track Name: Insomnia
Where does the self destruction come from, reasons unknown to me
As I hide from the truth clarity seems to slip away

So this comes to pass, to this place at last
Maybe one day they will leave me

Isolation imprisoned in my mind, into a light
What is this my body has entombed tonight

Sleep can't seem to find me, insomnia complete
Eyes are staring right into the black
Waiting for the rest to come, time a slow & cold embrace
Eyes are staring right into the black, they’re staring right into the black

The seed of life escapes my grasp, while holding on to this
Hope of cleansing my past in the future abyss
Season will pass until the new day, when I retreat
Wearing the scar, a mark forever stained upon this face

Come feel the pain - insomnia
Come feel the pain, as you become an illusion

Unattached from lucid sight begins to slowly take me
Divided thoughts wander off, please just disconnect me
Track Name: Seven Jackals
Fear the fear of needing, keep this close to me
Calling out for saving, can not stop the bleeding

Here on out I feel like I'll be the one, tasting the air
Come rest your head upon this, I start to realize
I've got to compose, soon comes the cold
Come take me into the void

Conform to ideals like never before, calming this air
Forming thoughts of chaos, knives growing under my skin
Impaling my soul, stripping the old
Ice now the blood of a man

Come take the time realize, all that are is a lie
Freedom is not compromised, soon to be one with the night

Continue to break as the pressure awakens
Come test your will & decide if you make it
Flourishing constantly, no more complains
Take me inside this final restraint

You find this so familiar, it all comes back
It feels just like my vision, falling down

Breathing through my body, breathing through my eyes

The numbing of confusion, seemingly
A grey jaded illusion, seldom clarity

My way; is this your way? Keep your hideaway
In time you will betray me, if you only knew…
Track Name: Oghma Infinium
In the morning I have awoke to the strangest feeling
Everything seems so unclear as my eyes see the waves
In the mind things seem so surreal, like a dream that never fades
Just a bleak consciousness that completes this disarray

All confide into a bleak disguise - effervescence drifting away
I am lost in this waking fight - just to see without a reason
Lies of consciousness so at bay - slowly take me
Will the clouded demon leave me be - give me peace

Trying hard to stay above the waves that try to pull me deep
Fighting for the strength to understand how the mind can stray at glance
Cryptic holes inside the thoughts that wind in this troubled mind
As it fades the clarity begins to cleanse this soul

All my thoughts consumed by the shake, seasons never seem to change
Build my body up from the coals, taking me inside

Now I've finally gone to the edge where I've seen the black below me
Continuing on the same way, I feel my body aching

Skin so tight, freeze my eyes
Show me a sign to end this night
Track Name: Under Black Skies
Descend sick parasite
Crawl into muscle, eat yourself to death
Jaws detach, swallowing whole
Every inch of what remains

Bleak prophecies ring the dinner bell
Tyrants feast on diseased meat
Cowards look on with wild eyes
Unable as a witness to process why

Thine eyes bleed, thine wounds fester
Thine anguish runs amuck 
Black spirit, foul stench decay
Rising like a fog

Swarming like flies
On bloody bones and mangled pieces 
Hell on earth, hell on fire
Burning through cities and kingdoms

Now only wastelands under black skies
Only the horrors of mankind
Bury your brothers, burn the witch
Black eyed angels sing a snarling pitch
Suffering cries echo a dirge
With every note stabbing away
Rotting in their graves
With every note stabbing away

Swarming like flies
On bloody bones and mangled pieces 
Hell on earth, hell on fire
Burning through cities and kingdoms

Now only wastelands under black skies
Only the horrors of mankind
Bury your brothers, burn the witch
Black eyed angels sing a snarling pitch

Reach for healing the ending is what you will learn
Look as the future is boiling alive as you burn
Give to the reason that only the weak should be gone
Forget all what has come before you as you crawl

Forget what you will give, unto the new breed
I am the new disease
Taste me & feel the numb, what you’ve become
I am the new decree
Track Name: Fire Walk With Me
For many I was prey, to what I wanted to be
The sinner’s scent for me
Consider what I like, not that it shouldn’t be mine
This finally ends tonight

Through all the barren time, a pinnacle sign
Conform to routine ends
All that had come to pass, my choice at last
And now we detach

Through the darkness of future past
The magician longs to see
One chants out between two worlds
Fire walk with me

Nine years of confusion, can’t be undone
The broken memories
A cycle of dysfunction, always the same
The seed that never breeds
As time began to bleed, the demon no one sees
The catalyst to me

Is this my final break, will I return again
To what has taken more, than I could ever know
This is my final vow, I will be yours from now
No more the one who sees, through blinded eyes

And now the time has begun, for us to be as one
The tie is deeper than blood, a single consciousness
Content & now we combine, to seed birth of life
Soon this will be complete, my own divided life

Forget what this.. convince your mind is…
Silence, violence, the past haunts my kind

Bitter way in the feeling, of this windigo
Feeding off this weakness, comes to bring forth the end

The sighting in my dream, the giant sees
What will become of me?
So close to death that day the old man came
Never the same again

My life begins to fray, as things decay
The log of the lady says
Seeing into the night, the bright light blinds
The circle of her remains

I’ll catch you with my death bag
You may think I’ve gone insane
But I promise I will kill again
Track Name: Glass On Skin
Calculated all together, thoughts begin to manifest in this soothing calm
Weaving thoughts on patterns, going over the fever pitched to not ignore, you’ll call for me
Sinner waiting for the doctrine, calculated intervention is so unclean

On my way to a season comes to pollinate me, hate me
Growing all of the anger feel it deepening within
All the ways I've tried to fit into this skin
Now it comes down to this

On this way I claim to be what I say
This carnal escape is glass on skin

Solid eyes that look in the soul of a man, suicide
Many times I've looked for a reason to die
Colour this optimist, finally shaken to resist
So it seems this is reason to change

Never see the energy in front of me
Come into the feeling gonna be the end
Some way, in vain of a name, I am the enemy

Coincide a feeling to illuminate, concentrate
Fortify the evil eye that watches
And waits for the sign to be the darkness

What you will need - all you will feed
Track Name: Army Of The 12 Monkeys
The army of the 12 monkeys
They come to feed, the come to breed, they come to lead the way
Another kingdom to fall
Develop under the name, that you will never believe
That number saves the day

The Cassandra Complex
The agony of foreknowledge with impotence
They spread the virus that mutates
That’s why we have to get to Philadelphia

Sever me tonight, folding one more time
Reaching over all that is in front of me
Army of the 12 will rise…

Feel mine so deep inside
Is it the time, just one more night until we find it
Hunger that paves this way
Animality has come feed, the final awakening

Contemplation of this weary opening inside
Illustrating all my wishes in this place
Now that you have taken down my inner sanctum
All the ways you control the game
Anything you want of me
Your divine intrusion deep inside the need
Your seduction will release me, elevating
Track Name: Take You To The Dark
Forward connecting into another feeling
Searching home land, find where you stand

Now I'm on the way to a new intoxication
Feather in the cap, I am raging in the soul of a man
Seeing all the hollowness, screams of pain in the cold
Giving me one more disparity to hold

Feel this hole inside
Complete with a goal to beat my rage
Come to believe that I’ve made you
Forming the taste of my saviour

Sins of time, feed your kind
So unclean, now I will take you to the dark

Taking another step back until you find this
Remember when you almost became the hero
Contesting this hesitation as it grows
Filling up my cup alone

Shallow forced existence, paving the way into another day
Sever the consciousness to be oblivious
Shattered memories of a time long, long ago
Now accepting that you have now become the one

Closing in, breathe this sin
Wake this beast, now I will take you to the dark

Living this infinite cold existence
Surrounded by the only thing that sticks
Social reject is a face I wear with this
Soldier to my own escape

Seeking what you never; never wanted to be part of this
Feeling the ending near, seeking my dignity
Trying to recall, when I automatically became the numb
All this dissipating, as you have now become undone

Feeling of a heart beat as it’s trying to tell you
One more shot just might be what you die for
Giving me a reason to fool you
Living the same old routine pollutes you
Track Name: Till These Eyes
Vanity has always been a little contagious
Soon the envy turns you into me (you into me)
Watching the story of the glory
With the wide eyes (with the white eyes)

Drinking the wine & then eat it for the joy ride
One more shot
Gluttony has now begun to fill up the soul
Never enough (never enough)

Drinking the throes of my agony
Forever you will be
All that you dream till these eyes…

Suddenly things start to become the same
Focusing tunnel vision sharpening (sharpening me)
Sickening beginning, forming the pain
Third act promises what I crave

Solar the gaze over the waking remains
Charred are the memories (the broken memories)
Poisoning, deepening into the brain
Causing the eclipse of the opening

Find me in the corner screaming silently
Hold me, take away this feeling stained on me

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